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1191163_bee_and_thistleSpring seems to have finally staggered into Cape Town. Better late than never and all that, but it’s beginning to look like our prolonged wet winter is in cahoots with the new-found heat to provide a bumper crop of goggas* in the garden. I’m already in all-out warfare with greenfly and whitefly, while in between aphid assassination sessions, I feel like I’m moving in ever-decreasing circles on the slug and snail collection front. And don’t get me started on the caterpillars…

To borrow a line from the movie Jurassic Park, “nature will out” (or as my grandmother used to put it, “you can’t fart against thunder”). When it comes to gardening organically, you can’t just roll out the Agent Orange. Insects form a vital part of the ecosystem we rely on to support our food supply – one plant’s pest is another’s Luke Skywalker. The trick is to get them to hang out where they can do a little work for you. Enter companion planting. (more…)


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