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September planting 2 – the southern hemisphere

On this particular front, I can only really speak from my experiences growing vegetables in Cape Town, South Africa. If you’re really worried about cold-hardiness, waiting until late-August/September before sowing your favourite vegetables should see you right. Here are some ideas for the next week or two’s sowing… (more…)


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aubergine2Whether you call them brinjals, eggplants or aubergines, they all originated in India and come from the same family as tomatoes, potatoes and peppers. Pick them at their very best and freshest and kiss goodbye to the bitter taste often associated with more mature, shop-bought ones.

If you’re looking to save money, consider this: a tray of six aubergine seedlings from your local nursery will set you back around R16; one large or a couple of smaller aubergines at the supermarket will set you back around R9. You can expect 5-6 good-sized aubergines per plant (or more if you harvest them when they’re still small). Well, you do the maths… (more…)

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